Growing Your Financial Advisory Business?

Here are three things every financial advisor needs to know…

We are not a lead generation system, IMO or FMO.

We teach Financial Advisors to differentiate themselves from every other Financial Advisor. How to attract higher net worth clients and increase the size of their deals.

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How Can You Do This?

By becoming a Tax Deferral Consultant you can instantly differentiate yourself from every other financial advisor. You can access 100% of your client’s net wealth instead of the 20% or less you are chasing now, and you can attract higher net worth clients because you have services they need that no one else can offer. 

What is a Tax Deferral Consultant?

A Tax Deferral Consultant uses tax structures to legally reduce, defer, or avoid capital gains taxes against hard assets like personal property, investment property, or businesses. We offer 12 tax deferral strategies, not one or two. No one else in the industry does this. 

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Becoming A Tax Deferral Consultant

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Here Are Three Recent Students...


Tim K.

I have been with Tax Deferral Strategies for a month and gone through the training. 
I now have two individuals with a total of $4 million that I will be consulting with to save on taxation.

Paul N.

I joined the Tax Deferral Consultant course a few weeks ago and I now have a $2.5 million deal in process.
The client is deferring $400K in tax on the sale of his business.
Becoming a Tax Deferral Consultant is a game changer for me.

Mark C.

After hearing about the Tax Deferral Strategies a few months ago, <my client> contacted me about possibly putting $1.1 million into the mechanism. Before the call was over, he was already asking about doing more (bringing the total to $2.2 million)!
Plus, once <my client> sees the concept working I would expect even more business in the future.

If You'd like To Learn More About
Becoming A Tax Deferral Consultant

You can watch our webinar,

Or meet with us...

877-Tax-Strategy (877-829-7872)