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Over the last 14 years, Carl Worden has been on a journey, seeking truly life changing financial strategies for his clients. 
In 2009, after the real estate crash, Carl discovered it was possible to legally defer taxes on the sale of investment properties after doing a 1031 Exchange and keep some or all of the money working for his clients. He never stopped looking and now has 40 legal tax deferral solutions and has helped hundreds of people with their finances. 
Now Carl has partnered with Chris Shockowitz to bring an education and training program to other investment advisors, financial planners, CPA, and Tax Attorneys. Together, they share the vision of bringing tax deferral solutions previously reserved for the wealthy to all Americans and you can help you become a Tax Deferral Consultant.
Our goal is to train you, to build your business, and help you help as many people as possible. You see, our industry has two huge problems. 
1. Financial Illiteracy
2. A host of professionals that are not trained to teach clients how to defer taxes on the sale of highly appreciated assets.
A Realtor can tell you what your property is worth but they cannot give tax advice. A CPA can tell you how much you owe in taxes but they are not trained in tax deferral strategies. We believe there is a necessary professional position that is vacant in most transactions, a Tax Deferral Consultant. 
We are seeking out Financial Advisors that truly believe in their fiduciary responsibilities and want to help their clients succeed by giving them the best solution to fit their needs. By adding the Tax Deferral Consultant service to your services list, you instantly differentiate yourself from every other financial advisor, work with more of your client’s assets, and increase the size of your deals. All this while helping your clients make the right decisions on what might be the biggest transaction of their lives. It’s a WIN/WIN/WIN and we want to teach you how to do it. 
We also believe in working with you and your clients directly, one on one vs sharing a bunch of videos on half-baked theories. We have videos, but we share step by step what to do and how to do it. We also partner directly with you, share our marketing materials, share our expertise, and give feedback all along the way. We want you landing $7-10 million in AUM per quarter just like Carl does. 
Carl Worden

Carl Worden

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